Carpet, Upholstered Furniture and Rugs

Some basic tools will be needed to maintain your carpet, upholstered furniture, and rug investments to maintain their beauty and usefulness between professional maintenance visits.

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  • High Quality Vacuum
  • Spotting Kit

    High Quality Vacuum
    We often equate "good suction" with high quality. This is not the case with a vacuum cleaner.

    While picking up hazardous particles from your home, scientific research by the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute ( has determined that vacuum cleaners generate fine particulate matter due to normal wear and tear of the vacuum motor.

    It is therefore likely that you can pollute the indoor environment with most vacuum cleaners on the market today.

    The vacuum cleaner must have the following features to reduce this health risk to yourself and family: Post-motor filtration, a sealed vacuum system & compartment, and HEPA filters. A true HEPA filter must prove 99.97% effective at capturing particles 0.3 microns and larger in a test environment. In conjunction with a sealed system and post motor filtration, you can capture practically all dangerous fine particles.

    We recommend a MIELE SEALED SYTEM™ vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner meets this high standard for your home and office. Models included in our recommendation are the 300 - 600 series units. The increased suction and larger capacity of the 500 and 600 series units make them the most desirable choice.

    The only authorized dealer in central Florida is: State Vacuum, located at 3143 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa. Their phone number is 813-872-7844 or visit their website at

    Spotting Kit
    The following items should be purchased and dedicated only for carpet and upholstery spot cleaning.

      Wet/Dry Vacuum
      These units can be purchased for about $30 from the local home center.
      Should be 1.5 hp. and approximately 2-gallon capacity. Larger is not necessary! The idea here is to have a unit EASY to handle, one you will not hesitate to get in the event of a spill. The "Stinger" found at the "Home Depot" is an example. These units are also lightweight and easy to clean after use.

      Wet/Dry Vacuum Foam Filter: follow the manufacturers directions for 'wet' pickup installation.

      A 25' Grounded Extension Cord: permanently attach this to your shop vac to allow access to virtually any spill in your home or office and a conveniently located electrical outlet.

      Trigger Sprayer Bottles
      One will be use for distilled water and one for "Avenge" spot cleaner.

      Distilled Water
      Keep some on hand at all times in the trigger sprayer and a refill quantity. Distilled water is often used in irons to keep them clean and in top working order.

      Avenge™ Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover
      This can be purchased directly from Premier Cleaning Systems, Inc. in 12oz., 32oz., and gallon sizes. We recommend the 32oz size, as it will accept a standard size trigger sprayer. Email us for ordering information.

      White Cotton Towels
      These can be purchased at the local home center, usually in packs of 25, for approximatley $10. Be sure to wash the towels before initial use to remove factory-applied sizing (starch) for most effective use.

      Spotter Brush
      A specially designed brush for spot cleaning is ideal for your kit. It should have soft bristles for light agitation and a scraping edge for debris pick up and removal.

      This brush can be ordered directly from Premier Cleaning Systems, Inc. for about $14 by emailing us.

      Plastic Paint Scrapers
      We recommend 1" and 3" sizes for your kit. These can be purchased at your local home center.

      Plastic Utility Tray
      Will easily carry all the small items for your spotting kit. This can be purchased at your local home center.

      Purchase a Spotting Kit from Us!
      A complete spotting kit, including the 2-gallon shop vac can be purchased directly from Premier Cleaning Systems, Inc. for $135 plus shipping and handling. Please email us for ordering information.

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