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    We use truck mounted, hot water extraction equipment. Full service standard cleaning includes; thorough vacuuming, pre-conditioning of all carpeting, hot water extraction (detergent is not added during extraction process and all surfaces are rinsed with clean, soft water only), accessible wall edges are cleaned, and furntiure is protected using plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks, as needed. Plastic shoe covers are complimentary and are provided as needed to prevent resoiling and allow safe entry into rooms just cleaned.

    Stain Protector
    We normally consider the application of a high quality carpet stain protector as part of the service. We apply only DuPont Teflon Advanced™ protector. However, we do not recommend applying protector if you will be replacing the carpet soon and you may also request us not to apply protector.

    "Steam Cleaning"
    This is a common, yet misleading, description of carpet cleaning. Carpets are not actually cleaned with steam. Many of today's advanced cleaning systems may heat the water internally past the boiling point. However, the water cools as it travels through the system to the cleaning tool to apply very hot water. Therefore, "hot water extraction" is the appropriate way to refer to this type of cleaning process.


    • Moving furniture
    • Cleaning and removing soil filtration from wall edges
      These are the dark areas commonly seen along wall edges, especially on second and higher floors. Indoor air pollutants and soil gather along walls, become attached/bonded to fibers, and require special equipment for reduction and removal.
    • Stain removal which requires a unique process for removal
      Examples are red stains, pet stains, excessive rust, nail polish, etc.
    • Deep Cleaning using our "Rotary Extractor"
      This special tool is very effective to clean and restore heavily soiled carpets.
    • Pet odor removal
      See Odor Control for more information.
    • Carpet repairs of any kind
      See Carpet Repairs for more information.
    • Portable cleaning system for remote or high-rise locations
      In the event that your home or office is not accessible with our truck-mounted equipment, we have the proper equipment to handle the job!

    Oriental, Custom, Hand Knotted, Antique, Embroidered, Machine Made, and Bound Carpets

    Cleaning (dry or wet cleaning available)
    Most rugs are removed from your home and serviced in our cleaning plant. Each rug is treated as an individual piece and only appropriate cleaning procedures are used in each case, depending on the issues (pet stains, odor removal, etc.).

    We are able to clean any type of rug (natural or synthetic), though not every rug will respond to cleaning the same way. Essentially, we attempt to safely remove all soiling and spots as possible without creating further damage.

    We guarantee to make every safe attempt to restore the appearance of your area rug. However, spots may actually be permanent stains that cannot be removed without causing further damage. Cleaning attempts beyond what we would consider to be "safe" will only be performed with your express permission.

    Most damage to rugs can be repaired. We offer skilled repairs of all types. Recommendations are offered for all repairs to help balance repair cost with rug value. Most of these services will be performed off-site. If off-site repairs are done, the rugs are returned in a timely manner relative to the size of the repairs needed.


    Upholstered furniture may require wet or dry cleaning depending upon colorfastness or fiber content. We provide expert service and advice in both areas. Fabrics are properly tested and appropriate, safe cleaning procedures are utilized in all situations.

    Fabric Stain Protector
    We normally consider the application of a high quality stain protector as part of the service. We do not recommend applying protector if you will be replacing the item soon and you may also request us not to apply protector.


    • Heavily soiled or stained furniture
      This may require special cleaning that exceeds the standard service. Restorative cleaning services must be considered on a piece-by-piece basis.
    • Repairs
      We also are prepared to make minor repairs on-site. You should notify us in advance so sufficient time will be allowed for the repairs to be completed.
    • Off-site cleaning, deodorization, and restoration
      We are able to receive items for service at our cleaning plant. Arrangements can be made by phone or e-mailing us at inquiry@premiercleaningsystems.com
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